Point level detection
Liquicap FTI51
For liquids that are highly viscous and tend to form build-up
Predecessor: Transmitter FTC470Z , Transmitter FTC471Z , Transmitter FTC625 , T15393 , T6667 , Multicap DC11 , Multicap DC16 , Double rod probe 11304Z , Multicap T DC12TE , Multicap T DC11TEN , Multicap DC16TEN , Multicap DC11AN , Multicap DC11EN , Multicap DC16AN , Multicap DC16EN , Multicap DC11AS , Multicap DC11ES , Multicap DC16AS , Multicap DC16ES , Multicap T DC11TAS , Multicap DC16TAS , Multicap T DC12TA , Multicap T DC11TAN , Multicap DC16TAN , Multicap T DC11TES , Multicap DC16TES
o Rod probe (max. 6m) for point level detection of liquids
o Detection of interfaces of different liquids and foam of conductive liquids
o Pressure: -1 to +100bar (-14.5 to +1,450psi), Temperature: -80 to +200°C (-112 to +392°F)

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