EngyCal RH33
BTU meter
Custody transfer BTU meter for recording heat quantities of water
o Inputs: 2 analog (I, RTD), 1 analog (I, pulse) 2 digital; Outputs: 2 relays, 1 analog (I, pulse), 2 digital, Loop power supply (24 V);
Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232; Communication: Modbus RTU/TCP slave; Data handling: FDM Software
o Calculated values: power, volume, density, enthalpy & enthalpy differential, DP-flow compensation, mass, energy, deficit, tariff or separate heat/cold energy, energy balance
o MID custody transfer approval and custody transfer logbook: the device features a custody transfer switch which locks relevant parameters. The housing can be lead-sealed. All parameter changes are documented in the custody transfer logbook.

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