Flow and energy manager
Universal flow and energy computer for gases, liquids and steam
Predecessor: DXF351, ZL6171, ZL6351
o Inputs: max. 10 analog (I, PFM, pulse), max. 10 temperature (Pt100/500/1000); Outputs: max. 7 relays, 8 analog (I, pulse), max. 6 digital, Loop power supply (24 V);
Intrinsically safe inputs optional, number of I/Os depends on the plug-in cards
o Interface: RS232/485; Communication: Modbus RTU slave, M-Bus, PROFIBUS DP slave; Configuration: ReadWin 2000
o Calculates volumetric flow, standard volumetric flow, mass flow, heat flow, heat differential (energy balance). Counters for operating volume, standard volume, mass, heat quantity, bidirectional volumetric and heat flows

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