Active barrier with optional HART® diagnosis
Active barrier with power supply for safe separation of 4…20 mA current circuits
Predecessor: RN221, NY9170, HAA420Z, NY9170, NY9170, NY9170, NY9170
o Inputs: 1 x analog, Outputs: 1 x analog, optional relays, LPS (24V);
Power supply: 20…250 V DC/AC, 50/60 Hz;
Operation: On the HART® version 10 DIP-switches on the device
o Housing: DIN rail housing; Width: 22.5 mm; Material: Plastic
Approvals: ATEX, FM, CSA, TIIS, SIL2
o Further functions: Bidirectional HART® transmission, communication sockets for HART® sensor parameterization, evaluation of status information from connected transmitter with HART® protocol, Primary or secondary master operating mode
o Marine approval

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