Loop powered passive barrier
One or two-channel barrier for the safe separation of 4…20 mA standard signal circuits
Predecessor: TCM141
o Inputs: 1 or 2 x analog; Outputs: 1 or 2 x analog
Power supply: Loop powered from the standard 0/4…20 mA current loop.
o Voltage drop: < (1.9 V + 400 Ω x current loop) for non Ex -> Ex; < (3.9 V + 120 Ω x current loop) for Ex -> non Ex
Housing: DIN rail housing; Width: 22.5 mm; Material: Plastic
o Approvals: ATEX, FM, CSA, can be used up to SIL 3
Further functions: Bidirectional HART® transmission, communication sockets for HART® and integrated HART® resistor for sensor configuration

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