iTHERM ModuLine TT151
Bar stock thermowell for a wide range of heavy duty industrial applications
Predecessor: Thermowell TA565, Thermowell TA566, Thermowell TA560, Thermowell TA562, Thermowell TA550, Thermowell TA555, Thermowell TA557, Thermowell TA556, Thermowell TA570, Thermowell TA571, Thermowell TA572, Thermowell TA575, Thermowell TA576, Thermowell TW15
o One bar stock thermowell covering DIN and ASME requirements with an easy and guided selection according to the respective standard. In addition, any design can be configured with a universal version of the thermowell.
o Process connections:
Flanges according to EN, JIS, ISO and ANSI/ASME standards
Threads according to G, M, NPT and R standards
Weld-in versions and compression fittings
o Material: AISI 316 (1.4401); AISI 316L (1.4404); AISI 316Ti (1.4571); Alloy600 (2.4816); AlloyC276 (2.4819); Titan Gr2…
Pressure range: up to 500 bar (7252 psi)

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