iTHERM ModuLine TM131
Trend-setting, high modular and robust thermometer for a wide range of industrial applications
Predecessor: Thermocouple TC12 , Thermocouple TC10 , Thermocouple TC88 , Thermocouple TC13 , Thermocouple TC61 , Thermocouple TC63 , RTD-Assembly S.A. Style TLSR5 , TC-Assembly S.A.Style TLSC5 , Thermocouple TMT162C , RTD Thermometer TR13 , RTD Thermometer TR12 , RTD Thermometer TR11 , RTD Thermometer TR10 , RTD Thermometer TMT162R , RTD Thermometer TR88 , RTD Thermometer TR61 , RTD Thermometer TR63 , RTD Thermometer TSM187 , RTD Thermometer TST414 , RTD Thermometer TST187 , TST10
o Measuring range:
RTD Pt100: -200 to +600 °C (-328 to +1112 °F);
TC: –40 to +1100 °C (–40 to +2012 °F)
o Sensor:
iTHERM QuickSens: fastest response times 1.5 s
iTHERM StrongSens: Pt100 vibration resistant up to 60g,
accuracy class B, A or AA acc. to IEC 60751
o Second process barrier with failure indication offering valuable health status information
o Thermowell design for fastest response times
o Process connections:
Flanges according to EN and ANSI standards
Threads according to G, M, NPT and R Standards Weld-in versions and compression fittings

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