Ecograph T RSG35
Universal Graphic Data Manager
Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time
Predecessor: Chromalog SP CHROSP, RD10, RD10S, Alphalog RSA10, Ecograph RSG20, Ecograph A RSG22, Ecograph C RSG24, Ecograph T RSG30, Chroma-Log SL RSL, Chromalog T RSL30, PRILOG, MULLOG, CHROML, CHROMP, MULVAR
o Inputs: 12 analog (U, I, RTD, TC, pulse, frequency), 4 mathematics channels, 6 digital; Outputs: 6 relays, Loop power supply (24 V), Alarm set points: 30
o Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232/RS485; Communication: Modbus RTU/TCP slave; Configuration and data handling: FieldCare, WebServer, Field Data Manager (FDM) Software
o Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 158 mm (HxWxD)

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