Detcon Model PI-700 VOC gas sensors are non-intrusive “Smart” sensors designed to detect and monitor a wide range of VOC and Toxic gasses in air. Ranges of detection for target gasses are from 0-1ppm up to 0-5,000ppm. The sensor features an LED display of current reading, fault and calibration status. The Sensor is equipped with standard analog 4-20mA and Modbus™ RS-485 outputs. A primary feature of the sensor is its method of automatic calibration, which guides the user through each step via fully scripted instructions displayed on the LED display. The microprocessor-supervised electronics are packaged in an encapsulated module and housed in an explosion proof casting, called the ITM (Intelligent Transmitter Module). The ITM includes a four-character alpha/numeric LED used to display sensor readings, and the sensor’s menu driven features when the hand-held programming magnet is used.

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