Our Vision

Instrumetrics Industrial Control Ltd. was established in 1994 with the aim of promoting the issue of instrumentation and control in Israel by supplying the Israeli market with solutions and instrumentation manufactured by the world’s leading companies.


The company is divided into 4 departments: sales, technical support, marketing and systemic solutions. Each department is independent in its activities and reports directly to the company’s management.
We cover the various market components, such as food, pharmaceutical, water, wastewater, chemistry, petrochemicals, energy, renewable energy, gas and fuel.
Over the past few years, Instrumetrics has become a major support center in Israel in all matters related to digital communications technologies. The demonstration and training system enables any customer who requires to deepen their knowledge in the field of PROFIBUS, Foundation FieldBus or ASIBUS to use the broad knowledge we have.

The team operating Instrumetrics Industrial Control is based on instrumentation engineers, software engineers and electronics engineers, and the company offers its customers comprehensive solutions, as well as TURN KEY based solutions.
The service department provides service to its customers from 2 main branches in Israel: the central branch located in Netanya, and the southern branch in Be’er Sheva.
Instrumetrics’ service department is committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality service, based on understanding the customer’s needs, finding an immediate solution and, accordingly, providing professional, efficient and courteous service. The service department is based on professional engineers who undergo periodic training by the manufacturers, both for existing equipment and for new equipment, and are the only authority in Israel for the provision of treatment, service or calibration of the equipment represented by the company. The services provided are comprehensive and are performed both by arriving at the customer’s site and by handling the devices in our laboratory.
The service department is always facing the customer while performing efficiency and continuous self-study.

Top suppliers from all over the world

Top suppliers from all over the world

We work with the best suppliers from different countries in order to bring the maximum quality to our customers.
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