Level measurement
Liquicap FMI52
For continuous level and interface measurement in liquids – for large measuring ranges
Predecessor: Silometer FMC420, Float Gauge LTC2230, T6667, Multicap DC21, DC26, Double rod probe 11304Z, Multicap T DC21TEN, DC26TEN, Multicap DC21AN, Multicap DC21EN, DC26AN, DC26EN, Multicap DC21AS, Multicap DC21ES, DC26AS, DC26ES, Multicap T DC21TAS, DC26TAS, Multicap T DC21TAN, DC26TAN, Multicap T DC21TES, DC26TES
o Fully insulated rope probe
o Particularly in build-up forming media and extremely high temperatures
o Measuring range: 0.42 to 10.0m (1.38 to 33ft), Temperature: -80 to +200°C (-112 to +392°F)

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